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International FOOD Contest in English

A brand-new English version of the International FOOD Contest homepage will be published around 1st July 2017!

International FOOD Contest 2017 takes place on 3rd - 5th October in MCH Messecenter Herning, Vardevej 1, DK 7400  Herning, in connection with Scandinavian technology & industry expo.

  • Assessment, prizes and celebration of winners.
  • Training/dialogue between exhibitors and company staff.
  • Inspiration for quality improvement and development.
  • Presentation of the multitude of products manufactured in the food sector.
  • Increased knowledge of the full product range of the food sector and direct contact with the other professional operators in the sector.
  • Celebration of the best products within each of the participating food categories.
  • Events featuring food.
  • Special events, lectures and presentations.

Photos from International FOOD Contest 2016